Find out how a little smile on our face can make a big difference to our daily routines:
Smile, as an act has much potential in it. It is not that everybody does not like to smile – but it is that they do not realize the value of a Smile. Either they are busy in their own world of worries that they can not smile or it is that it do not come in-built with their nature.
Smile is a natural gift for people who keep smiling always. To have a smiling face means “no ill feelings”. To maintain the purity of life as we were born, smile is very essential in our lives.
Smile can build a bundle of joy to you. It enhances happiness in our lives. It is that one necessary thing that we do not forget “to be happy”. And, to be happy keep those smiles going on.
Smile should always mean natural happiness. If you are not in-built with this quality, adopt this as a hobby. I assure you that you will definitely feel much better than earlier.
Smile can make you free of your apprehensions. A little smile on your face can make a huge difference for the people around you. Even if someone is feeling vexed, they can forget about their problems at least for a while by seeing a cute little smile on your face.
Smile can give way to a lot of good things in life. It can build good relations around you. The very moment, someone looks at you, they can understand what kind of a person you are and about your nature. I feel it is a very great tool to reduce stress.
I would like to quote a few things which I have personally come across:
Smile in Joy & in Pain;
Smile when sorrow pours like Rain;
Because, Smile has a healing touch!! (This really works out!!)
Keep Smiling that is the best thing one can give it to others. (This is a personal compliment received by me from an elderly person)
We take birth in this life for a very short period. So, make every moment of your life a memorable one. Give happiness to others and you will definitely receive the same. We do see many ups and downs in this life – but we can make a change in this lifestyle only if we strongly believe that we are born for happiness. And Smile is the first and foremost step towards achieving happiness.
Hakoona Matata! (Don’t worry, Be Happy)
Keep Smiling!!!
Roopa Sushil

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